How to Watch New Films in Dubai
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How to Watch New Films in Dubai

When the latest big international release comes out, we’re all clamouring to find the best cinema to view it and in Dubai, our choice is limited to one of three providers.

We can either decide to watch our brand new international blockbuster at Vox Cinemas, Novo Cinemas or Reel Cinemas.

The choice, really, ends up being which is preferable to you, which is the closest to you and, like everything else in the world, which works out as the cheapest.

The good news is that all cinemas operate with pretty much the same pricing structure for the most basic tickets, so you usually don’t have to travel that far to get the best deals.

Vox Cinemas

Vox Cinemas is the most popular cinema in the UAE.  There are current 13 locations inside the entire United Arab Emirates and those in Dubai are at the Mall of the Emirates, BurJuman Mall, Cineplex Grand Hyatt, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Deira and Mercato Mall.

Vox Cinemas’ Tickets range from a standard ticket for 35 AED (£7) all the way up to the THEATRE by Rhodes Experience for 160 AED (£33).  The THEATRE by Rhodes experience gives you the most luxurious way of watching new films but, of course, you’ll be paying quite a bit more for this privilege.  You’ll have gourmet food while you watch and an incredibly comfortable viewing opportunity.  Quite nice, if you can budget for it.

Novo Cinemas

Novo Cinemas is one of the largest cinema chains in the entire Middle East and has four cinemas in Dubai.  They’re located at Dubai Festival City, Al Ghurair Centre Galleria, Ibn Battuta Mall and Dragon Mart 2.  If you’re looking for luxury in a cinema, you’re going to want to pop over to Novo Cinema’s 7 star experience but if you’re looking for just a standard cinema ticket, you’re going to ask for a Standard Ticket which, luckily, only costs 35 AED (£7) and still gives you a taste of luxury.

Novo Cinema’s tickets range from a Standard Ticket for 35 AED (£7) and up through the four viewing experiences all the way to Novo 7-Star for 150 AED (£31) per person.  However, Novo 7-Star Experience will give you the most luxurious cinema experience possible in Dubai.  You’ll have your own reclining armchair, blankets and food delivered to your seat by your own private server and you’ll be ordering it from a tablet built into the arm rest of the chair.  Very nice.

Reel Cinemas

Voted the Best Cinema in the United Arab Emirates by Virgin Radio, your last but certainly not least choice is Reel Cinemas.  With only two locations in Dubai but definitely the most impressive, located inside Dubai’s own world’s largest shopping centre, Dubai Mall, and a second location in the Dubai Marina Mall, Reel Cinemas has really got the wow-factor when you decide to watch a film there.

Reel Cinema’s ticket offers start off with a Standard Cinema Ticket for 35 AED (£7) and go up, like the others, to a VIP experience with the Platinum Movie Suites for 130 AED (£26).  The Platinum Movie Suites offer you an amazing experience from the designer lounge area all the way to a private butler service during the film.


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